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Written by Maria Aardal

July 2, 2017

Experience the best Koh Phi Phi party

If you are traveling to Koh Phi Phi and you like a good party I have a great recommendation for you. The best Koh Phi Phi party ON A BOAT, the shipwrecked tour. It has the perfect combination of partying and sightseeing in one. You get to see the most famous sights of Koh Phi Phi with amazing people, and end it with a great party.

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What is Shipwrecked?

Shipwrecked is a company in Koh Phi Phi who offer exclusive island tours. They also have a bar on the island right by the party beach, Log Dalum Beach. A representative from Shipwrecked approached me while I was on my way to find accommodation. He asked where I wanted to go and I told him the name of the hostel I was looking for. He gave me directions, and he handed me a note about Shipwrecked. Unlike many of the businesses there he was not pushy at all. Back in my room I did some searching online and found that it had very good reviews and seemed to include a lot. Later I stopped by the Shipwrecked bar and they explained everything.

The Shipwrecked tour includes:

  • Maya beach, the world-famous beach from the movie “The Beach” (THIS BEACH IS CLOSED INDEFINITELY)
  • Monkey beach
  • Viking beach and a taste of birds nest soup
  • Phi Lay lagoon for snorkeling
  • Snorkeling in the Snake Cave (we did not go there)
  • Sunset point
  • A private beach for dinner and drinks
  • The tour also includes a welcome drink at their bar, snorkeling gear, lunch, fruit, water, soft drinks and juice on the boat and dinner and open bar at the beach.
  • A shipwrecked shirt
  • GoPro pictures from the tour
  • After-party
  • Bracelet that gives you discount to other places on the island

The tour costs 2500 bath (€64) per person, it is a bit pricy, but there is so much included so I think it was worth it. The people also seemed very nice and their pitch was very good. They were friendly and enthusiastic, without being pushy. You only have to pay a deposit of 1000 bath when you book, but it is easier to just pay the full amount and not have to deal with it the next day. When you book you also get a bracelet pass that gives you special offers around the island at various restaurants and bars.

Meet up and mingle

The next day all the participants for that days tour meet at the shipwrecked bar at 1pm. After you sign in you get a free welcome drink. This is the time for everyone to get to know each other and mingle. However there was not that much mingling and I did feel like they could improve this part a little to help the mingling start. Everyone was mostly sitting in their own little groups. They could have some games or something to make people interact. They have a beer pong table among other things, which I think could be a great tool to get the interaction started. If you are the very social type you should definitely just go up to someone and talk as most will be just as keen as you to get to know people.

After about half an hour at the bar, everyone headed for the pier. The boat is a very nice speed boat. Everyone sits in the back of the boat where it is covered and there is a cooler in the middle. Four people at a time can also sit in the front of the boat while it is moving. There are also possibilities to store your bag, to keep it away from the water.

Monkey beach

The tour starts and you head for your first stop, Monkey beach. The ride there is about five minutes and it is an amazing feeling zooming through the water and feeling the wind in my hair. The boat turned, sped and jumped through the waves making everyone giggle and your tummy tickle.

Monkey beach is amazing and exactly what it sounds like. A beach full of monkeys. The monkeys are completely wild and free, but they are so used to people that they have no problem jumping onto your shoulder and eating peanuts from your hand. The guides provide peanuts for everyone, so you can try feeding them. The guides also instruct you on how to behave, not to touch the monkeys just let them touch you, ignore the babies and so on.

Monkey Beach

When we were there three monkeys came and jumped around on our group. The guides are very good at informing and helping with the monkeys. If you feel uncomfortable about the monkey climbing you or anything just let them now and they will assist you. It is an amazing getting this close to monkeys in their natural habitat. The guides also take pictures of you with the monkeys. You will also see monkeys swimming which is definitely a sight to remember.


Next up on the tour is snorkeling. I was honestly a bit nervous ahead of time as I knew sharks are often seen there. Only vegetarian reef sharks, but sharks none the less. Clearly I got over my fear as two days later I went snorkeling just to see sharks at shark point.

The boat takes you to a nice remote snorkeling spot without many other people and they provides you with snorkeling gear. They also offer life-jackets to anyone who wants. The guide will tell you where to swim if you want to spot the reef sharks and they snorkel with you and they take underwater pictures. The snorkeling is great for spotting colorful, beautiful fish and corals.

The Viking cave

After snorkeling the Vikings Cave is up next. Here you will learn about the interesting history behind it. The sight is beautiful. Tourists are not allowed to enter it, but you can still admire it from the outside. The Vikings Cave is famous for being one of the few spot where birdsnest soup is harvested. Birdsnest soup is extremely sought after, and amongst the most expensive animal products consumed by people. They can go for as much as 2000usd per kg.

On the tour the guide comes around with a little glass jar of bidsnest soup and everyone gets a taste. It is hard to explain what it tastes like. It has kind of a thick, slimy consistency and reminded me of honey. After everyone had taken a sip the guide told us what it is actually made from, bird saliva. The birdsnest is made from saliva that has hardened and formed into a nest. People risk their life’s climbing up hills to find the birdsnests. The soup is very important in the Chinese culture, and it is said to have many health benefits. If I would eat it again I don’t know, but it was definitely a fun experience.

Maya beach

“The beach” is the next stop, the world-famous Maya beach. As you enter into the lagoon you understand immediately why this beach is famous around the world for its beauty. The most beautiful turquoise water meeting the pearly white sand is truly breathtaking. If that was not enough, you also have the characteristics green mountains of Thailand surrounding it, and steep cliffs. The beach is extremely beautiful and floating in the turquoise water was amazing.

The tour stops at the beach for quite a while and you get a great sandwich for lunch before jumping into the crystal blue water. You have the option to go exploring, swimming, jump from the boat or lie and tan. Maya beach has its reputation for a reason, and while it can get a bit crowded with tourists it is worth it.

Koh Phi Phi party fruit

Private beach party

After Maya beach it is time for the after party at a private beach. On the ride to the beach they cut up fresh fruit for you to enjoy. The private beach is a small, secluded beach. There is one other resort on the beach and a shipwrecked bar. The beach has crystal clear water and soft sand. On the beach there is small bar where it is “serve your self” from the open bar. This was definitely the best part of this Koh Phi Phi party. You really get to connect with other travelers, and just enjoy yourself.

There are also multiple drinking games, which is great as you have something to do and get to know the other people better. By this point the group has mingled and everyone is laughing and playing games together. I really liked that they organized games for everyone and I had a great time playing. There was a Frisbee game and beer pong XL with footballs. Dinner was served on the beach and it was fried rice with veggies and eggs. The food, drinks and atmosphere on the beach were amazing. You spend about two hours on the beach, and time goes so fast.

Mid ocean sunset

To end of the day they take you out to the middle of the ocean to watch the beautiful sunset over the water. The sunset is amazing and so is the atmosphere on the boat. Everyone is chatting and the music is great. At the sunset point there was also an option to jump into the water for a last swim before heading back.

Koh Phi Phi party sunset


Heading back to land you have about two ours to shower, change and relax before heading out again for the after party. The after party is at 9:30pm at the shipwrecked bar. When you arrive you receive your shirt and they show all the pictures from the day on a big screen. It is a lot of fun catching up with everyone and watching the pictures. You also get a free drink if you show that you ranked them on TripAdvisor.

I loved the shipwrecked tour, and if you love snorkeling, boat trips and a good party this is definitely something for you. From the moment I met them they were extremely kind, funny and accommodating. The guides were not the typical guides because they mingled with everyone, laughed and came with when we went swimming and snorkeling. I felt like I got to see so much, and they organized the tour very well. I also did not feel rushed at any of the activities. The group was also very friends, and everyone had a great time together.

Would you go on the best Koh Phi Phi party? Have you ever experienced something similar?

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I am Maria, a 20 year old student. I am here to show you that traveling is possible for everyone, including you. I belive that traveling can be done in a lot of different ways and that you never have to limit.

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