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Written by Maria Aardal

June 28, 2017

Visit the skybox KL Tower in Kuala Lumpur

In the heart of Kuala Lumpur lies the KL tower. It stretches 421 meters above the ground and is the tallest telecommunication tower in Southeast Asia, number 7 in the world. While the tower serves practical purposes it is also a top tourist spot. The tower is known as the world basejump center and the KL tower park is filled with activities. In the tower you can visit the sky deck, the observation deck and the biggest adrenaline kick of them all; the skybox KL tower.

KL tower park

The KL tower park consists of the KL tower (with its sky deck, observation deck and skybox), the upside down house, the mini zoo and aquarium, the XD theater and the F1 simulator.

I bought my tickets online the night before and I chose the “all park ticket”. They were 155 ringgit per person (€32) and they include all the attractions of the park. They also have other tickets where you can choose only some of the activities.

The tower is easy to reach using local transportation. You can take the LRT and get off at Dang Wangi station. The LRT is easy to use, and has stops all throughout the city. When you get off it is about a 10 minute walk to the tower. The tower is easily spotted from the station, and it is easy to stroll in the right direction. If you have a hard time you can always ask someone along the road for directions. As you get closer you will see the tower hovering above you, it grows bigger by ever step you take.

When you arrive at the KL tower park finding the entrance is no problem. In the reception you stand in different lines depending on whether you have bought tickets yet. It is definitely convenient to buy tickets ahead of time as you do not have to stand in line for long. I just showed them my online booking and the receptionist printed out my actual ticket. It was very quick and efficient.


The skydeck is an open deck located 300 meters above the ground and includes a 360* view, two skyboxes and a cafe. A guide quickly showed me into an elevator. Beforehand I had read that the elevator rides tends to be a bit claustrophobic with too many people, which is something that definitely freaks me out, however it was much better than I expected. A friendly guide explained the different floors and where we were and the elevator ride was very comfortable. It was also comforting to have a guide in the elevator. Finally when the elevator arrived at the top and when I stepped out I saw the most incredible view I think I have ever seen. Even though my instincts told me to run back downstairs I faced my fears and went onto the outside deck.

Skybox KL Tower

There are two skyboxes located on the skydeck, the pink and the blue one. The skyboxes are glass boxes that extend outside the floor of the deck. While they are extremely safe it is an experience that gets your adrenaline flowing. Honestly it is terrifying, but I am so glad I did it, and it was totally worth it.

The pink box has a marvelous view of the twin towers. I stood patiently in line watching all the people taking selfies. Finally it was my turn. I took my shoes off and slowly stepped into the glass box. The view was so amazing that I nearly forgot to feel scared. Looking around coming face to face with the twin towers, hovering over multiple skyscrapers and seeing the ground below you is amazing and terrifying all at once. There are photographers who takes pictures of you that you can buy later. He took multiple pictures from different positions. I also asked him to take some with my phone, which was no problem at all. A couple of selfies later I stepped back onto somewhat more solid ground.

I continued around the tower admiring the view before getting to the blue skybox KL tower. After a photo session in the blue box too I went to go look at my photos. One printed photo costs 40 ringgit (€8). I thought this was quite expensive, especially since you pay a bit just to get into the tower. I asked if there was any way to get photos on my phone instead, and surely there was. It is possible to get all the photos on your phone for just 125 ringgit (€25), no matter how many pictures there are, and that also includes two printed pictures in a folder with a certificate. This was a much better deal and I decided to go for it, but not before I had taken another trip into the skybox to take some more photos.

Observation deck

The observation deck is located a few floors below the skydeck, at 276 meters above the ground. It is inside and also offers a 360* view of the city. Spread out around the floor are binoculars so you can get a closer view of the city and its many impressive structures.

Kl tower observation deck

The observation deck was a bit more crowded than the sky deck, but I did not feel cramped and I did not have to wait long for the binoculars, pictures of the view, or the elevator down. Around the observation deck there were also multiple opportunities to buy souvenirs or snacks. However it is a bit pricy, especially the foods and snacks, and you can buy the same much cheaper at any 7/11.

Observation deck binoculars

The Upside down house

Kl tower upside down house

The KL tower was an amazing experience. The view, the staff and everything was just amazing. All the staff members that I interacted with were exceptionally friendly and helpful, and that just made the experience even better. But just because I was back on ground level the experience was far from over.

When I hit the ground I headed for the upside-down house, which is exactly what it sounds like. It is impossible to miss, as you just head for the house that is literally upside down. When I got there the wait was about 10 minutes, but that did not matter, as I spent the time taking pictures and enjoying the outside area.

When I entered the house I was immediately approached by another friendly staff member who showed me how to take “upside-down” pictures. I went through the house, which consists of an upstairs with a living room, kitchen, bathroom and a bedroom, and a downstairs, which is one big bedroom. All the rooms are of course upside down with the furniture hanging from the ceiling and the walls. I had the best time and a lot of laughing trying to take cool “upside-down” photos. Trust me: it is not as easy as it looks.

Aquarium and mini zoo

Next on my agenda was the aquarium and mini zoo. The aquarium was a bit smaller than I had expected. The fish tanks were rather small and had too many fish, and the fish had nothing to do all day than to swim in circles.

In the mini zoo the staff were very friendly and there was a lot of interaction between the visitors and the animals. While holding parrots and a ferret and feeding emus, llamas, tortoises, bunnies and monkeys was fun and the animals were incredibly cute, this is not something I can honestly recommend. The animals just did not seem happy in their small living spaces, I also do not like the idea that people can interact so closely with the animals, they are supposed to be wild and free.

I am generally not a big fans of zoos and this one was definitely one I regretted going to, I do not want to promote or support keeping wild animals in cages for entertainment. I do known that it was my own fault for not thinking it through before buying the all inclusive tickets, yet I do not want to hide it.

Especially one monkey crept into my heart. He was sitting in the corner of the outside cage, I put my hands on the cage and he immediately stretched out his little palm and held it to my hand. He also tried to hold onto my fingers and I just did not want to leave him.

XD theater

The last stop was the XD theater. I was the only person there so I got to choose what to watch. The staff member recommended “Safari Adventures” and I went with that. He gave me 3D glasses and lead me to my seat in the middle in the front. The seats were like rollercoaster seats with a small belt across the hips. The movie literally blew me away when it started . I drove and flew through the savanna on the hunt for animal poachers. The seats bounced and jiggled to the movie and made it feel like a real rollercoaster.

Overall I had a great time at KL Tower Park and I would definitely recommend it to anyone visiting Kuala Lumpur. The view from the top is absolutely breathtaking and sitting in the skybox is a feeling I cannot explain.


  • I did not think it was necessary to buy the “all attractions” ticket. The skydeck, upside-down house and the XD Theater are the attractions I would recommend. It is not necessary to go to both the skydeck and the observation deck. The view from the skydeck is better and you get to experience the skyboxes.
  • I do not recommend the aquarium and zoo.
  • The F1 simulator was unfortunately closed so I cannot say anything about that.

I had a wonderful day, and it was one of the highlights of my trip. It was definitely the highlight of Malaysia. The tower was more than I could have ever expected. The skybox was breathtaking and my blood-pressure definitely rose significantly. It is the best way to get over your fear. I recommend it to anyone. The view was mesmerizing.

Would you dare to sit in the skybox KL Tower? Have you ever traveled to Malaysia?

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