Iguazu Falls Argentina

Written by Maria Aardal

May 26, 2020

Iguazu Falls is a world-famous waterfall park right on the border of Brasil and Argentina, and right by the border of Paraguay. When you think of large waterfalls you probably think of Victoria Falls and Niagara Falls. People often overlook Iguazu Falls, yet it does not deserve to be. Seeing it will be a memory for life. You get really up close and personal with magnificent waterfalls. You will hear the water roar, you will get soaking wet, you will see incredible wildlife, and you will appreciate the power of nature more than ever before. It was actually voted one of the new seven wonders of the world. The Iguazu Falls Nationalpark is made up of 275 different waterfalls. Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about Iguazu Falls Argentina.

Where to stay

When you are visiting Iguazu Falls Argentina you can either stay in Foz de Iguazu in Brasil or Puerto Iguazu in Argentina. No matter if you are visiting both sides of the fall or just one, you can still stay in either country. Crossing the border is easy and free. They are used to tourists crossing this border to visit the falls. I do think it is easier to pick one side to stay at and visit both sides from that base, rather than staying one place visiting the falls from that side, and then moving to the other.

Personally I have only stayed in Foz de Iguazu in Brasil and I stayed at the Tetris Hostel. I would highly recommend this hostel if you decide to stay in Foz de Iguazu. The hostel is very unique as it is built from containers. The hostel itself is very comfortable and even has an outside area with a pool and a bar. The rooms are large and the beds are comfortable, and the atmosphere is relaxed and social. The atmosphere is the most important for me when I chose a hostel and here it was great. It is definitely not a party hostel, but more a relaxed social environment. Foz de Iguazu is a very safe and calm city. You can generally walk around alone, even after dark. It is very quiet and cozy.

How to get there

Getting to Iguazu Falls Argentina is easy both from Foz de Iguazu and from Puerto Iguazu. It is, of course, a bit easier from Puerto Iguazu as you do not have to cross the border.

From Puerto Iguazu you can either catch a bus or a taxi. A bus is generally the cheaper option and costs around 5 euros. The bus leaves from the main bus station every 20 minutes. It takes between 20 to 30 minutes to get to the falls from there. The bus stops right by the entrance of the park. To get back you just wait for the bus where you got off it.

From Foz de Iguazu you can also either take a bus, uber/taxi to the border and cross by foot and taxi to the falls, or taxi. I did the crossing the border by foot thinking it would be very easy and save us money. It was very easy, but it took a while and did not really save us much money. I almost fell through a gap in the bridge, lost both my shoes, and scraped up both my legs. My recommendation is to take a bus.

There are busses that go from Foz de Iguazu to the falls, and busses to Puerto Iguazu. Some of the buses wait for you at the border control while others just drive and you need to wait for the next bus. Make sure if your bus is waiting or not before getting off for the border control. Either way, you always need to bring your things off the bus for crossing the border.

Important: make sure you get stamps at both borders, both entering and exiting. If you do not you might have some trouble when you are planning on exiting the country again. The locals do not need to get stamps, so you need to actively get off the bus at the border even if no one else if getting off the bus. To get back we took a bus from the falls to Puerto Iguazu and another bus from there to Foz de Iguazu. We never had any problems on the buses or on the borders (except me literally falling across the border and the fact that my sandals are probably still under that bridge).

Coatis at Iguazu Falls Argentina


When you get to the entrance of Iguazu falls Argentina you need to pay for your ticket (about 10 euros) and then you enter into the park. From there it is about a 500-meter walk to get to a small train that will take you to the trails. At the train station, you need to get a “ticket”, its free but it does give you a time for when you need to take the train. You might need to wait a bit if there is a lot of people. The train has two more stops, one by the Devils Throat trail and another where both other trails start. There are three different trails in Iguazu falls Argentina. There is also a possibility for you to hike to the first train station if you want to.

The train that takes you around Iguazu Falls Argentina side

My suggestion is that you take the train all the way to the Devils Throat first and do that trail, before heading back and doing the others. The train is an experience in itself. It takes you through the jungle, and if you watch carefully you might spot huge spiders, monkeys, coatis, and snakes (we saw them all). When you get to the train-stations you will definitely spot the Coatis. They are so cute and not scared of people at all, but still make sure to keep your distance, and do not pet them or feed them, they went crazy in the sight of food!

Notice: all the trails are accessible and you can also get wheelchairs and assistance if you need it. Just talk to the staff. Some of the trails have stairs in them, but there is always an alternative without stairs.

Devils Throat trail

The Devils Throat trail is about 1100 meters there, and its the same trail back. On the haik there you walk on a walkway that is built over the Iguazu River. The nature there really took me by surprise, it was a lot different than I expected. I was prepared to see the waterfalls, but I had no thought about the nature that surrounds the falls. The nature is so vast, and the water is so calm and quiet. Then suddenly you start hearing the roar of the falls in the distance. You hear them before you see them. The view from the Devils Throat viewpoint is breathtaking. You are right on top of the highest falls and you have a great view downwards and inwards over the falls.

The view from Devils Throat

At the viewpoint, it does get quite crowded which is one of the reasons I recommend you do this trail first. You might also get quite wet so be careful with your phone/camera. There is a place on the viewpoint where you can get your picture taken by professionals with an uninterrupted view of the falls. We did not do that, and we still managed to get some pictures of us in front of the falls without other people in the photo. You might just need to wait in line for a little bit.

Devils Throat hike on Iguazu Falls Argentina

To get back you just take the same trail until you get to the train station. There you get another “ticket” for the train. You take the train one stop.

Superior Circuit

After you get off the train you get to a small area where there are bathrooms, tables, and a kiosk where you can buy some food or snacks. I suggest stopping here to get some water, there is a lot of walking and it can get very hot so hydration is key. Then you just follow the signs to get to the Superior Circut. The signs are very clear and it is easy to find. It is only a few minutes walk to get to the entrance of the circuit.

The view from the Superior Circuit

This trail is about 1.75 km in total. It is a circuit so you walk in somewhere and exit another place. I love this as everywhere you walk is a new place, and you do not have to walk “back”.

The superior circuit gives you a view from the top of the falls, just not as high up as the Devils Throat. You walk above the smaller waterfalls. It also gives you a great view of the Brazilian side. The walkway here takes you through thicker jungle as opposed to the more open land of the Devils Throat trail. You pass over creeks and small waterfalls. This hike differs from the Devils Throat trail in that you get to see many smaller waterfalls, and you get closer to the falls. It is the perfect trail to get an overview of the whole Iguazu Falls National Park. This the trail where we first spotted some monkeys.

A view from Superior Circuit, Iguazu Falls Argentina

Inferior Circuit

The entrance to the Inferior Circuit is located right by where you exit from the Superior Circuit. It is just a few minutes walk and there are plenty of signs so it is easy to find. This trail is about 1.45 km long, and as the Superior, it is also a circuit.

From this trail, you get yet another unique view of the falls. This time you view them from below. You walk along the bottom of the falls and you get to look up at them. You also get a great view inwards towards the Devils Throat waterfall.

View from Inferior Circuit at Iguazu Falls Argentina

At the end of the trail there is a small area where there is a little kiosk and a seating area. There you can sit down and have a little rest and get some food. You will definitely be tired after a whole day of walking. The eating areas are inside cages which might seem a bit weird, but it is just so the monkeys and coatis does not steal your food.

Tours and activities – Iguazu Jungle

The Iguazu Jungle is the company that provides you with tours and activities in Iguazu Falls Argentina. They have two different tours and in addition to tours, they work with the preservation of the parks and sustainability.

Iguazu Jungle – Great Adventure

The Iguazu Great Adventure is the perfect tour if you want to explore both the jungle and the Iguazu Falls Argentina. The trip takes about 2.5 hours in total and costs you about 40 euros.

The tour first takes you on a trip through the jungle. You ride in the back of a open car and you have an experienced guide that explains to you what you see. You drive through thick jungle for 8 km. After the drive, you head out into the boat. The boats are like very large rubber boats, with a motor and driver on the back. You get a lifejacket that you need to wear for the trip. Remember: you will get wet, if you do not want to get wet you need to wear a poncho, and there is still a big chance that you will get wet.

The boat tour drives you 6 km up the Iguazu River. You ride straight through the rapids, and its an experience you will remember forever. After you have passed through the rapids you will head straight for the falls, and I mean straight into the falls. This is the part where you get soaking wet. It will feel like a very cold, insanely heavy shower. Everyone screamed and laughed at the same time. It is a very unique feeling and a once in a lifetime experience.

Notice: this tour is not accessible as you have to walk down stairs to get to the boats, and it is also only for people over the age of 12.

Iguazu Jungle – Ecological Trip

If you are looking for a more calm adventure the Iguazu Jungle Ecological Trip is perfect for you. This tour takes you on a rafting tour of the Iguazu River. The tour starts by the train-station of the Devils Throat and ends within walking distance of the stations by the Superior and Inferior Circuits. The tour lasts about 30 minutes and costs around 10 euros.

This tour is a lot calmer than the adventure tour. It is accessible and it is suitable for children. On this trip, you will only explore the Iguazu River and you will not see the falls on this tour. If you are lucky you might spot some exciting wildlife on this tour, like one of the 28 leopards that live there.

Have you ever visited Iguazu Falls Argentina, or would you?


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