Bergen itinerary – A weekend in Bergen

Written by Maria Aardal

November 14, 2017

Bergen itinerary – A weekend in the city between the 7 mountains

Bergen, the city between the 7 mountains, is a beautiful city for a weekend getaway. This has been my hometown for many years, and I often forget how amazing it is. It is the perfect mix between nature and city, and it is the best size for a weekend trip. Keep reading to get the most incredible Bergen itinerary for two days. You can definitely see the most important spots in the city in just one weekend.

Bergen itinerary

Bergen is located on the west coast of Norway. With 265,000 inhabitants it is the second-largest city in Norway. The city center is “small” and it is easy to get around. In the center itself, you can walk anywhere, and if you are going somewhere outside of the center the public transport system is amazing. The city is famous for its rain, so come prepared with an umbrella.

During summer Bergen is at its best with the sun shining and people everywhere enjoying the sun and warmth, during winter the town gets lit up by snow and Christmas decorations. The best times to visit Bergen is during late summer (August), or during winter (December, January, February).

Day one of your Bergen itinerary

Breakfast at “Godt brød”

Start off your day with a great breakfast at Godt Brød. Godt Brød means good bread, and it is a cafe/bakery that can be found all throughout Bergen. They have amazing freshly baked goods and it deserves a spot on your Bergen itinerary. Start your day fresh with one of their great sandwiches and maybe a little something sweet to go with it.

Morning city stroll

There is no better way to get to know a city than walking around. Let go of your map, your guides, and just walk. There is plenty of time to experience the main attractions, and chances are you will wander upon them on your own walking tour.

Bergen itinerary

Start where you ate breakfast, choose a direction and just start walking. Chances are you will find some spectacular hidden secrets, while also encountering the main attractions. Bergen city center is quite small and compact and you should therefore not worry about getting lost or wandering too far. If you start heading out of the city center you will notice as the houses and buildings change. Locals are also more than willing to help, but you will need to approach them if you need directions. Norwegians are usually always willing to help, but they will normally not ask if you need help, as the Norwegian culture is a bit pulled back.

Lunch at bryggen

Whenever you search for Bergen, see postcards or pictures from the city, Bryggen is what you usually see. It is the famous pier in Bergen, and it is definitely something to put on your to-do list while in Bergen. Bryggen is filled with history and it is beautiful to look at. Translated Bryggen means “the dock”. The characteristic buildings even have a spot on the UNESCO world cultural heritage list.

The buildings date back to the Hanseatic times, which play a huge part in Bergens’ history. Included in Bryggen is Bellgården which is 300 years old and St. Mary’s Church which was built in the 12th century. On Bryggen, you can find cafes, souvenir shops, a few bars and even a Christmas store that is open all year round.

There are many places on and around Bryggen that are perfect for lunch. I would recommend Egon which is right where Bryggen starts, coming from the city center. It is possible to sit outside and enjoy the sun on a warm summer day, and you can watch all the people going by. The food is just amazing, and it has something for everyone. Everything from snacks, to burgers, to seafood.

Take Fløibanen

As the afternoon comes you should head for the bottom of one of the 7 mountains, Fløyen. Fløyen is a must on your Bergen itinerary. This mountain is situated in the middle of town and it is easily accessible by a funicular. If you are feeling sporty you can always opt for the hike. Fløibanen and where you start the hike are located very close to Egon restaurant.

Bergen itinerary

The funicular gives you a spectacular view of the city, the railway is about 850 meters, and raises by 300 meters. It takes around 8 minutes, and it is a ride you will not forget.

Another option is to hike up. Fløyen is a relatively easy mountain to climb. It has great roads the whole way up, and it involves little to no uneven terrain walking. The walk is about 45 minutes to an hour.

The view from the top is breathtaking, you can see the whole city and the surroundings. You should make your way up a bit before sunset so you get the view in daylight, the sunset and in the dark. The sunset is amazing, and when it gets dark you can see all the city lights shining bright. If you are traveling during winter or autumn months, remember that the sunset is very early, and you should check what time it is in advance.

View from Fløyen

Dinner at Fløyen

On top of Fløyen there is a small cafe, a souvenir store, a playground, and a restaurant. Unfortunately, the restaurant is only open from May to September, but it is open for bookings of private and business functions all year round. Their menu is filled with amazing Norwegian food. You have to taste their seafood. The restaurant is gorgeous with an amazing view.

Experience the nightlife

After dinner at Fløyen you can make your way down to town again to experience the Bergen nightlife. What you must know before entering the nightlife of Bergen is that it can be quite different than a lot of Europe. They are extremely strict about age limits, IDs and level of drunkenness. If you do not have your ID you will most likely not get in, same if you are too drunk, this is actually really good because you will experience less drunk, annoying people.

There are all kinds of different bars and clubs in Bergen. If you want a younger, party, high energy feel, I suggest trying out Heidi’s which is an after-ski and kind of German-themed club, the waiters wear German lederhosen. If you are up for games like darts, shuffleboard, pool or even minigolf, you should check out Barkollektivet, Bar 3 or Kong Oscars. There are also a lot of sports bars right across the street from the fish market. If you are up for a different kind of bar you can visit the magic ice bar, where everything from the chairs and tables to the glasses you drink from are made of ice.

Day two of your Bergen itinerary

Breakfast at Espresso House

Located centrally in Bergen centrum is Espresso House, known for delicious coffee and baked goods. They even have salads, sandwiches and so much more. Their food and warm drinks are amazing, and the perfect start of a day full of exploring. You can sit enjoy your coffee while doing some people-watching.

Enjoy art at the Kode museums

Right by the beautiful lake, Lille Lungårdsvann lies the “Kode” museums. Kode consists of seven museums in total, four right in the city center and three others located around in Bergen. The four in the city have changing exhibits, whereas the other three are the homes of famous composers and stay the same. They were the homes of Ole Bull, Harald Sæverud and Edvard Grieg.

Bergen itinerary

All museums are filled with beautiful art and you should try to visit at least once while in Bergen. If you are short on time you should try to make your way “Troldhaugen” where Edvard Grieg’s home is located. The surroundings are beautiful and the museum is very interesting. It is located a bit outside of town, but it is easy to get there by “Bybanen” (the city train).

Bergen itinerary

Picnic lunch at a castle

In Bergen, the king has a residency in Bergen known as “Gamlehaugen“, it is the royal families vacation house. It is a beautiful castle, with amazing surroundings. It has a huge park and it is the perfect place for a swim. The park is open for everyone during the day. During summer the castle is also open for tours on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays, and Sundays. It costs 100kr for adults and 60kr for children. That way you get to see what it looks like inside. The tour that starts at 12 am will be given in English.

Top things to do in Bergen for couples

Behind the castle is where you find a beautiful park. During summer the park is filled with people swimming and tanning. There is also a place where you can set up a fire and bbq. It is the perfect place for a walk, a jog or maybe a game of badminton. The area is also filled with hidden secrets, like a secluded swimming spot just 10 minutes from the popular area.

Dinner at the fish market

After a great day exploring Bergen, you have to make your way back to the center, to the fish market. The fish market is one of the most famous spots in Bergen, therefore your Bergen itinerary is not complete without dinner there.

Eat fresh fish in Norway

The market has an outside area and a newly built inside area. The outside consists of large tents where you can find a collection of sellers and seating areas inside. The inside is newer and “fancier”. It contains a collection of restaurants.

The fish market is a long-standing tradition in Bergen and a must for tourists visiting the city. You can stroll around, admiring all the fresh fish or you can sit down for a great meal. They prepare the fish right there, so it is perfectly fresh. You can even see live crabs and lobsters in the tank, the food literally could not be any fresher.

Where to stay

When traveling in Bergen the city center is definitely the best place to stay. When you are staying there you are within walking distance of everything and you are close to public transport. It does not really matter where in Bergen center you stay as everything is so close by.

Extend Bergen itinerary

If you are lucky and have some extra time to spend in Bergen there is so much more to see and do in this amazing city. What you should put into your extended Bergen itinerary is:

  • A trip to the aquarium
  • Hike Ulriken, the highest of the 7 mountains surrounding Bergen (or take the cable cart)
  • Go on a fjord cruise
  • See Fantoft Stave Church

Winter itinerary

Travelling Bergen during winter opens up a whole lot more options. Winter in Norway is something everyone should experience, Bergen is beautiful during the winter months with Christmas lights all around town and a huge Christmas tree in the center. If you want to see snow January and February are your best options.

Snow in Norway

For your winter Bergen itinerary you need to add:

  • Skiing – in Bergen you can go skiing on Fløyen. You can take the funicular up and ski one of the beautiful ski trails at the top. The trails are gorgeous with perfect winter landscape. White trees and perfect snow. If you want to try downhill skiing or snowboarding you do not have to go far out of the city. You can travel to Kvamskogen which is about 1 hour away from the city. They have ski lifts and huge downhill trails. They have hills for all levels, and it is so much fun. You can also rent ski equipment there.
  • Iceskating – in Bergen you can go iceskating inside in “Bergenshallen” which is right by “Sletten” bus and train stop. Also located right by the same stop is “Tveitevannet”, a small lake that freezes during winter, where you can try “real” ice-skating. However, you have to make sure that it is cold enough and frozen enough. If you do not see anyone else skating, you should not try and risk it.
  • “Ake” – ake is where you sit on a board of some kind and slide downhills. It is so much fun, and while it is considered a children activity it is perfect for adults too, it will bring out your inner child. You can do it as easy as sitting inside a trash bag and just start sliding. Fløyen is the perfect place for “aking” you can slide all the way form the top and down to ground levels. Just be careful and not “drive” into people.
  • Gingerbread town – this may be the most important part of your Bergen itinerary for winter. During late November and until new years eve you can visit the largest Ginger Bread town in the world. It is beautiful and nothing will make you feel more Christmas vibes than drinking hot chocolate while admiring the gingerbread constructions. The gingerbread houses are made by people in Bergen who donate them, many are made by kindergarden- and school classes, organizations, teams, and so on.
Worlds largest gingerbread town
Foto credit: Pepperkakebyen

What is on your Bergen itinerary? Have you ever been to Bergen?

While in Norway you should stop by the beautiful small town Selje


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